Banana Muffin Delights

Happy muffins these are my friends..the eldest Arthur spotted a bit of banana inside one he opened to eat and behaved as if the there was a mountain of snot being poured into his mouth. What is it with 4 year olds and obsessive compulsive disorder?? Wilfy loves them and they are the perfect snack […]

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Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside…but not when there’s nothing to feed your allergy baby!!

We’ve just come back from a glorious week in St Ives, staying at our friends house called nautique. However, it was really hard to feed Wilfy. Obviously I managed but twas not easy and it was made even harder now that Wilfy understands what he is missing out on.  No ice cream, fish, pasty, […]

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Dairy, wheat and gluten free brownies. Perfect for GAPS kids.

Tantalizingly deep and rich chocolate brownies. Ooh, who doesn’t like a brownie? It was Arthur’s 4th birthday party on Saturday and although I was going to attempt a triple chocolate dairy free cake I didn’t have time to experiment with the icing side of things. I know soya yoghurt is used but Wilfy can’t have […]

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Meatballs, meatballs, meatballs…

Pork Meatballs with a hidden vegetable sauce Gluten, wheat and dairy free of course! This is incredibly simple to make. I buy the pork meatballs from Waitrose or you can make your own by shaping pork mince into small handfuls and then grilling. Easier to buy if you haven’t got the time. When boiling any […]

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The GAPS peanut butter pancake

This is totally delicious! I make it at least three times a week. It’s good with stewed fruit or a blend of ghee, honey and fresh lemon juice. Perfect for all the family You will need:- 1 very ripe banana 2 tbsp salted peanut butter 3 eggs ghee (I don’t use this as wilfy cannot […]

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GI Flora probiotic

This is the probiotic that I use on Wilfy. It is dairy free and is the most recommended by Adam Fox. You can buy it for £11.94 at or Nutricentre stock it. Click to enlarge   Allergy Research GI Flora, 90 vegetarian capsules Allergy Research GI Flora is the combination of 4 beneficial Probiotic […]

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Yummy stewed fruit

This is a great breakfast alternative. Serve with rice porridge for 1 and under and then with buckwheat and rice porridge or gluten free oats.  My eldest likes this with goats milk yoghurt and banana. Obviously Wilfy can’t have goats yoghurt so he makes do with it solo or with other fruit or porridge. The […]

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My delicious dairy free pesto (also nut free version)

Wilfy enjoying his dairy free pesto Dairy Free pesto This is seriously easy to make. You will need a hand-held blender or a small mixer. Once made it will keep in the fridge for 5 days or you can freeze batches of it. When it comes to the oils try to use best quality ones […]

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Slow roasted chicken with root vegetables and herbs

This is ever so tasty and incredibly nutritious and gentle on your baby or childs tummy. The healing qualities of a chicken broth are endless. What’s the saying ? ‘Mums chicken broth gets rid of any cold or flu’.  I do believe it is a natural penicillin. It is common to add noodles or dumplings […]

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Tips for coping with a virus

Wilfy and I in January 2012. I look happy because it seems wilfy has turned a corner. But the journey is never over with an allergy baby as they are so prone to infection. they are magnets for every virus. You might have one good week and you dance around the house or you at […]

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