Basic Diet

This is the basic diet I go back to every time Wilfy has a bad tummy episode. This could be from a bad cold, teething, a tummy virus, eating something new that upsets him. I have  made it up from following the GAPS diet.  It’s very simple and you can freeze the batches for up to a month.

You will need:-

1 butternut squash

1 suede

4 carrots

Fresh homemade chicken/lamb stock

Chicken or lamb which has been slow cooked for up to 4 hours with bones

Teaspoon of olive oil or a good oil mix (Cool Oil from the groovy food company)

What to do:-

Chop the veg up, wash and steam it all. If you have already got a batch of homemade stock then get that out of freezer or fridge. The same applies for the meat. If you need to cook the meat then cook on a low heat (150 C) in the oven or slow cooker for 4 hours. You will then have a new batch of stock for your next round and loads of delicious meat!.

Once the veg are steamed put them into a saucepan and add the stock (not too much or it will be like soup) about 200 ml. Tear any bits of meat off the bone or chop up any in the fridge and then blend with your hand-held mixer or put into a mixer and blend.

Serve nice and warm and give them a cup of the meat stock luke warm with the meal.

Offer this meal three times a day. If you want to give them a different breakfast then offer them stewed fruit. You don’t want  them to be eating anything starchy or any grains for about 3-5 days.