Sleep Fairies

There are plenty on maternity nurses and sleep trainers on the market but it’s hard to find one with lots of allergy experience.

You may be reading this because your child cries all the time and won’t be put down.  If that is the case then some medical advice might be necessary. You may have identified your babies problem but bad habits have developed. This is where a good book or a fantastic sleep trainer may help.

I was absolutely terrified to try to get Wilfy sleeping in his bed. He had suffered enough in his short little life and the idea of doing any sort of controlled crying horrified me. I am lucky enough to know a fantastic lady called Jan Harris who has been a maternity nurse and sleep trainer for over 20 years. She also knows alot about allergies and reflux.

I used Jan’s method when Wilfy was 12 months and on night 2 Wilfy was sleeping for stretches of 6-8 hrs after never sleeping for more than 2 hrs at a time. His reflux and allergies where under control and I could safely trust Jan with her gentle method. Ok, there were a few hairy monents but it was worth it as Wilfy started sleeping so much better and consequently was less tearful and clingy in the day.

Jan is currently putting her method onto paper. Once its available to download or buy I will post details.

If you want to book Jan please contact her via