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Hello and welcome to my site. In finding allergymummy you may be able to answer some of the questions flying around your mind. My first son was born with no allergies (it appeared) at 6 months I noticed eczema on his body which got increasingly worse over the next 4 months. I am afraid to say the GP balked at me when I enquired about food intolerance and sent me on my way with a steroid cream. This was unsatisfactory as I knew from studying reflexology and basic nutrition that eczema can be caused by allergies to food and the environment. I did some research and came across Dr Adam Fox, a pediatric allergy specialist.  Arthur was tested and low and behold he had a milk allergy. I stopped the milk and the eczema went away. What a waste for the NHS to always be handing out creams and steroids without giving a simple prick test and letting the parent manage the child’s diet.

In 2010 Wilfy was born. This was a different story..he screamed from his first day in this world and he didn’t stop. There was this divine being in so much pain and it broke me apart. I simply couldn’t take away his discomfort and as I got less sleep I became more insane. A friend recommended a great book called ‘the sleep fairy’ by Alison Scott Wright. What a relief that she told me about it as this is where I pretty much self-diagnosed Wilfy as a silent reflux baby.  This led to some more research and I eventually took us to see Dr Eltumi at The Portland Hospital where I outlined all his symptoms. He was diagnosed with silent reflux (see reflux page) and a probable lactose, milk and soya allergy. This meant trying to give up all dairy for a week or so to see if he could  digest my milk. Unfortunately he was still in huge discomfort which confirmed that he couldn’t even digest the lactose. Wham! no more breast-feeding. This can’t be right surely? Friends couldn’t believe he could be intolerant to my milk. Mother Nature provides the entire source of nutrients from mother to child and he can’t be allergic..oh yes, he can and he was. I stopped feeding and he stopped screaming. But, this wasn’t the end of it. The medication wasn’t working correctly. I was upset by the formula I was feeding him (glucose based). One night I didn’t sleep for even 10 mins as he screamed incessantly all night. I was a deranged mother that morning..I was told in an emergency appointment that there was nothing else that can be done and to stop all treatment and see what happens. Was this doctor F*****G insane or what? I decided to get a second opinion and came across Dr Shah at Great Ormond Street. I walked in to our first appointment and reached for the tissues. I am sure he’s seen it all before. Here my questions were answered. Wilfy had ‘eczema of the gut’ and ‘a weakened gut equals a weakened immune system’. he could be allergic to all manner of foods. He may not grow out of them until he is 6 or even 9. One phrase that truly stuck in my mind was ‘You are going to have a really bad winter, he will catch every virus going’. By god, was he true (another story)..I was offered preventive antibiotics (I refused). I went home with a new reflux med ( a good thing) but a heavy heart about the challenges ahead. I went to Adam Fox again and prick tested Wilfy.  Allergy to milk but not to eggs, nuts,wheat, white fish or gluten. BUT! he could have delayed allergies. We won’t know if he is allergic until up to 2 wks after he has had the food. This is when I came across the GAPS diet. I was recommended this amazing book by a friend called Annelie Whitfield (see complimentary practitioners). Once it arrived I devoured it and discovered that the gut could  be responsible for allergies and even autism and aspergers. Of course there is research about genetics aswell. The Gut and psychology Diet was written by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride. A leading nutritionist and neurologist. http://www.gapsdiet.com.  It has a fountain of knowledge that is worth reading. This is where my journey really begun. We had to heal Wilfy’s gut and then he may be able to digest and tolerate all foods. How is he now at 18 months? a damn site better. After just 7 months on the GAPS diet I believe his gut has healed immensely. Ok, it may be age and growing out of his certain allergies but as a mother I truly believe it is following this path that has helped us so much as a family.

On this site, you will find information on foods that support the GAPS diet. Specialists to see if you need to. Maternity nurses to help you get some much needed sleep (if money is tight then we have ways to help). I am collating stories from mothers who have kids with allergies so you can read first hand what it’s like for other families. PLUS, I will give you recipes to help you along your way.

Please note: Allergy Mummy does not replace advice given to you by your doctor or allergy pediatrician.  It is a parent to parent website and our goal is to empower people dealing with this distressing condition through shared knowledge and experiences.  If you are an allergy mummy, then welcome.

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