Hello allergy friends. I apologise for my absence. Firstly it was the Summer holidays, need I say more?? Then Arthur started school, which has been a bit of an ordeal for all concerned.  He is happily ensconced now though and making friends and learning to read and write. Anyway I digress, back to Wilfy. I discussed a while back about the use of drugs over an operation.  I unfortunately had no choice really. Wilfy’s tonsils were huge and his breathing had been difficult since his acute bronchitis at 15 weeks. His quality of life would dramatically improve with the operation. In the weeks leading up to it I became pretty tearful and emotional. What if something went wrong? what if he had an allergic reaction to the anaesthetic? I had to brace myself and get on with it. Anyone who has seen their young child have an anaesthetic will understand how shocking it is to see them become lifeless on the operating table. watching time tick slowly away whilst he was being operated on was challenging, all sorts of images flashing through my brain. We finally got the nod to go and see him and it was like holding a wild, thrashing animal as he writhed and screamed for well over an hour (good side effects of the anaesthetic apparently!!). We slept together whilst I stroked and cuddled him through some clearly painful and confusing hours.

We now have a very happy Wilfy though! He is talking much more, sleeping has improved immeasurably ( I no longer hear him breathing down the corridor) and having the operation was a much better option for us than more drugs and then possibly the operation further down the line.

Don’t be afraid to seek further opinions if you are concerned about your child’s breathing at night and if they continue to get tonsilitis. When I was a child tonsils were taken out without a second thought and my grandfather had them whipped out on the kitchen table! more drugs isn’t always the answer, perhaps sometimes an operation is..

RECIPES TO FOLLOW.. Fishcakes, Almond and Poppy seed cake, raw mango balls.


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