My rustle up leftover fridge dish.

Most weeks I stare into the fridge and sigh. I am not one for neat and tidy fridge organisation. I have always wondered who these people are? How do they have the time and inclination to pack the cheeses in Tupperware on one side whilst the vegetables are neatly ordered in medium size freezer bags in drawers. There are no crumbs or revolting bits lying around and no jars of mustard or jams festering at the back.  One neighbour came over one Sunday, their fridge standing in all its crowning clean glory. As he kindly helped us prepare lunch I winced as he opened our fridge door, he fell silent and then tried to push his shiny piece of Tupperware into a lone space with a pained look on his face.

I am ashamed to admit not only is my fridge messy most of the time I also tend to throw plenty of food away. I know I’m not alone in this crime but that’s no moral relief.  However, there is some relief in my simple yet tasty as hell rice dish. You can add anything you like and it’s not rocket science but when tired and run ragged by kids the imagination can desert us.

What you will need:-

Brown or white basmati rice  (2 cups)

Any vegetable you prefer. I tend to use carrots and courgette grated, french beans and peas.

Hemp or Rapeseed Oil

Homemade pesto

Chicken, bacon, salmon (I just use what I have in fridge)

1/2 cup of chicken stock

What to do:-

Boil the rice in a separate pan. I cup of rice to 2 cups of water. I add the rice first, once i have sieved it clean of starch. Then I add to bottom of dish and cover with water adding an extra thumbnail above the line of the rice. For brown rice you will need two thumbnails of water above the line (is this sounding complicated?!!) Once the water has evaporated put a lid on the pan, turn stove off and leave to steam for 10 minutes. if slightly firm don’t worry because the stock will finish cooking the rice.

Once rice is done then chop your meat of fish into little bite size pieces. Heat up a tablespoon of pool, add meat or fish. Then when cooked add rice and then the vegetables. Add the chicken stock and a tablespoon of the pesto and stir through. Stir through until the rice has taken the stock and the dish isn’t wet. Then serve.

Perfect for all the family!!!




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