Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside…but not when there’s nothing to feed your allergy baby!!

We’ve just come back from a glorious week in St Ives, staying at our friends house called nautique. www.nautiquestives.com.

However, it was really hard to feed Wilfy. Obviously I managed but twas not easy and it was made even harder now that Wilfy understands what he is missing out on.  No ice cream, fish, pasty, cream tea..Ok, I know those aren’t the healthy options but it was a holiday. The Porthminster cafe helped as best as they could by cooking the gluten free pasta for me and adding their sauce but practically every restaurant we tried didn’t have even one dairy free dish!! COME ON!, surely with allergies on the rise hotels and restaurants nationwide would start accomodating allergy needs? We fed Wilfy endless chips and some salad as that’s all that was on offer. I hate supporting supermarket chains but at least the local Tesco had a few ‘free from’ options. Am I alone in this boiling frustration? What can be done to make restaurants add a dairy and gluten free option to their menus so eating out as a family can be an enjoyable experience rather than a stressful one? Do us allergy mummies constantly have to be thinking twenty steps ahead as we prepare another meal before we head out for the day?


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